Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Change of Pace

I finished the ribbing on Hammerhead Sock #2. I incorporated the same design error I made on Sock #1 (why not be consistently wrong, right?) but shifted to #1 Addi Turbos for the balance of the ribbing and it did make a difference. I prefer the tighter, springier fabric that #1s and Fixation create.

One of the things that's puzzling me is how to handle the gussets in the Magic Loop technique. I managed on Sock #1 but not without a bit of trial and error. The worsted sock in the Magic Loop booklet uses an interesting technique after the heel is turned--slip 8 or 9 stitches onto a needle until you reach the start of the working yarn (which was one of the problems I faced with the Hammerhead; I solved it by incorporating a double point for a round) then continuing. It worked beautifully but I would have to make sense of the proportions used on 48 stitches and adapt them to 56 or 64. Right now grafting a toe is about as much as this brain can handle.

That's the first Broad Ripple Sock in its early stages. I was thrilled beyond all description with it. A Pulitzer Prize couldn't have made me happier than watching that sock evolve and grow.

I never thought the Sock Bug would bite me but it did.

This was my very first attempt at Magic Loop socks: the toe-up baby socks from the booklet.

Toe-up is fantastic. Just hold your breath and concentrate during the cast-on and first row; once you do that, the rest is clear sailing.

Spoken like I actually know what I'm doing!


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